What is Marlborough Access?

Marlborough Access is Marlborough's local access cable station for the people, by the people.  The shows broadcast on this station are created and produced by Marlborough residents who are trained by our staff. 


Our Mission Statement:

To serve the people of Marlborough by providing and promoting access for the production of programs created and produced by the residents and non-profit organizations of the city.


Video Production Training:

Marlborough Access holds weekly training classes at our studios on Saturdays at noon! Each week will be something different. The class is only one hour long and it’s FREE, so why not take advantage of it?

You don’t have to have a show idea or promise to be involved with Marlborough Access. Show up and you’ll see!

What is an Access Producer?  What do they do?

An Access Producer is a Marlborough resident or member of a local non-profit organization that has a desire and passion for creating informative or entertaining programming on Marlborough Access.  They are trained by our staff to utilize our designated equipment and facilities.  

An Access Producer creates their program series or specials for viewing on Marlborough Access.  Their ideas.  Their hard work.  Their productions.


Once trained, an Access Producer doesn't have to make their own programs.  They can be designated as a crew member for other Access Producer's productions.  You can train and then sit back and wait for another access production to call you up and ask you to help out on their program!


Now this begs the question; "what is a tape provider?"

Well, a tape provider is a resident of Marlborough that provides Marlborough Access with an access program that is taped and aired at another access station.  They are bringing it to us becase they want it aired on Marlborough Access.  They still have to fill out all the proper forms, but tape providers don't have to be trained.

This is where things start getting really exciting for you!  

You and your crew (if you need one, that is) get your hands on

the equipment you will be using to make the next great

Marlborough Access program.  Once Matt Besachio finishes

with you, you'll be a pro!  You can take one-on-one lessons too!

Training Information.

1st Saturday of the month @ 1pm

Cameras & Field Equipment

Anyone can point and shoot with a camera, right?  

Did you know that if you want to do it right and make is look

it's best, you need to learn about things like focusing,

white balance, lense exposure.  Don't get nervous!  

It's easier than it sounds.

2nd Saturday of the month @ 1pm

Control Room & Studio

This gives you the controlled atmosphere that you may want for

your production.  You'll learn how to use the equipment in the

control room, the lighting grid and cameras in the studio.

3rd Saturday of the month @ 1pm


Once you have shot your program, you need to put it together so editing is a critical part of the process.  You'll learn how to import and cut your show together using iMovie (and later on when you become more comfortable) Final Cut Pro.  Take deep breathes...this also is not as scary as it sounds!

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Access Equipment.

Access producers will be trained (see training schedule above) how to use the audio and video equipment in the access field collection, studio, and editing suites.

Field Equipment

Our access field equipment collection includes:

The JVC HM150.  This is a user friendly compact HD camera which records professional quailty audio and video.  And of course we have the necessary accesories to accompany it; such as tripods, rechargable batteries and mountable shot gun microphones.

We also have several high end wired and wireless laviler microphone options.




Our studio and control room have all the tools you need to put together your show!  Control the three studio cameras and audio levels with the Sony Anycast Touch Switcher.  Adjust the ligthting using the dimmable control panel to get the look you want.  Bring your own props and dress the set to give your show it's own style!


Our edit suites are equip with Apple iMacs and fully loaded with iMovie, and Final Cut Pro video editing software.

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Want to  connect so you can make your own show or help another access producer with their show?

Give us a call at (508) 481-1373!  You can talk to anyone on staff about training and if you have any questions at all about the process.  We are here for YOU Marlborough!

Matt Besachio is a great point person if you want to email instead of calling.  His email is below...

E-mail Matt with any Access related questions at: mattbesachio@wmct-tv.com

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