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What is Marlborough Access?

Marlborough Access is Marlborough's local access cable station for the people, by the people.  The shows broadcast on this station are created and produced by Marlborough residents who are trained by our staff. 


Our Mission Statement:

To serve the people of Marlborough by providing and promoting access for the production of programs created and produced by the residents and non-profit organizations of the city.


Video Production Training:

Don't know anything about video production but want to create your own show? No problem! We offer one on one training on field equipment, studio equipment and editing software! Plus it's all free for Marlborough residents! 

What is an Access Producer? What do they do?

An Access Producer is a Marlborough resident or member of a local non-profit organization that has a desire and passion for creating informative or entertaining programming on Marlborough Access.  They are trained by our staff to utilize our designated equipment and facilities.  

An Access Producer creates their program series or specials for viewing on Marlborough Access.  Their ideas. Their hard work.  Their productions.


Once trained, an Access Producer doesn't have to make their own programs.  They can be designated as a crew member for other Access Producer's productions.  You can train and then sit back and wait for another access production to call you up and ask you to help out on their program!


Now this begs the question; "what is a tape provider?"

Well, a tape provider is a resident of Marlborough that provides Marlborough Access with an access program that is taped and aired at another access station.  They are bringing it to us because they want it aired on Marlborough Access.  They still have to fill out all the proper forms, but tape providers don't have to be trained.

Training Information

This is where things start getting really exciting for you!  

Our team can train you and your crew (if you need one) on all

the camera, studio equipment and editing software. Once you have been

trained you can rent out the equipment and start making your show!

Access Equipment

Access producers will be trained on how to use the audio and video equipment in the access field collection, studio, and editing suites.

Field Equipment

Our access field equipment collection includes: Canon Camcorders and DSLRs, as well as a full podcasting set-up. We also have the necessary accessories to accompany it; tripods, rechargeable batteries, mountable shot gun microphones, and wireless handheld or lavalier microphones


Our studio and control room have all the tools you need to put together your show! With a variety of lighting set-ups, scenery, and props we will help you put together a show that fits your aesthetic.


Our edit suits are equipped with Apple iMacs and have both iMovie and Final Cut Pro video editing software.

Want to connect so you can make your own show?

Give us a call at (508) 481-1373!  

We are here for YOU Marlborough

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